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The use of Adobe Acrobat Reader provides so many exciting and useful ways to read and enjoy your issues of The Mother's Heart Magazine. The follow tutorial will provide a brief overview of the features built into each issue of The Mother's Heart and how you can continue to gain the maximum value and encouragement for each issue that you receive.

If you need Adobe Acrobat reader, it is available for free here:
Get Adobe Reader

If you need a utility to unzip the compressed file, you can download WinZip here: Download Evaluation
Note: All versions of Windows XP can open a zip file and you will not need this utility.

Downloading your Purchased Issues:
Each issue of The Mother's Heart is stored in three formats for you to choose from. If you have broadband and want improved image resolution for high resolution screens or printing, then choose the largest file with the highest resolution. Download time for approximately 3 megabytes over broadband is only a few minutes. If you have limited disk space, intend to only view the file on your screen, or have a slower internet connection, the lower resolution file is your best bet. If you are using a dial-up connection, use the compressed file (zipped) for minimum download time. If you select the higher or lower resolutions downloads, the file will open in your internet browser. If you select the compressed file, you will need to save it in a specific location and then double click the zip file to open and view it. All options require the installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Setting the zoom for most comfortable viewing:

Depending on the size and resolution of your computer monitor, you may wish to view a single page, two pages, or a portion of a page for the most comfortable viewing size. The magazine opens by default zoomed to view the first full page. Acrobat has a number of ways to adjust the zoom to get the view you want. Click on one of the shortcut icons next to the zoon percentage indicator to zoom to actual size, fit the whole page on the screen, or fit the page to the width of your screen.

 Using the Links included in The Mother's Heart:

There are links everywhere in The Mother's Heart to make your reading experience much more convenient. The articles featured on the front page are linked directed to the full article within the magazine. The Table of Contents contains links to every article, recipe, or advertisement. Any time your mouse pointer changes from a hand (used to move the page around) to a pointing finger, you are pointing to a link that will take you to another location within the magazine.


Acrobat has a built in search capability that will find each occurrence of a word or phrase within the magazine. Simply click the binoculars icon and enter your search phrase.

Saving your Purchased Issues:

Once the file is open in your browser, there is an option to save the file (a small disk icon with Save a Copy next to it). This will allow you to save your purchased issue for future reading and archival. Please remember to comply with your agreement not to share or redistribute the files.

Printing Portions of the Magazine:

You can print portions or all of the magazine on your local printer. This can be especially handy if you're going to be sitting and waiting somewhere and want to take only a couple of articles with you to read. Simply click the print icon, select the page or pages you want to print. and away you go. Be sure to pick color or black and white before you print.


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